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🎉 **Join Us for a Historical Celebration: St. Distaff's Day at The Taming of the Ewe!** 🎉





Step back in time with us at The Taming of the Ewe as we celebrate a day rich in history and tradition - **St. Distaff's Day**. On January 7th, from 1pm to 4pm, we're not just spinning yarns; we're reviving a charming piece of our past.

🌾 **A Nod to Tradition**  
St. Distaff's Day, traditionally held the day after the Twelfth Night, marks the end of the Christmas festivities and the return to daily work. In the olden days, this meant women would resume their spinning, an essential and valued skill. The day was named not after a saint, but after the distaff itself - a tool used in hand-spinning to hold unspun fibers. It was a day filled with laughter and lighthearted pranks, as men tried to disrupt the women's spinning with mischief, and women retaliated with water!

🧶 **Your Invitation to Spin and Weave**  
In honor of this historical day, bring your looms, wheels, or spindles to our yarn and tea boutique. Whether you're a seasoned spinner or new to the craft, this is your chance to connect with tradition and fellow enthusiasts. We have drop spindles, fiber and looms available for sale for those need.

☕ **Tea, Tales, and Teachers**  
Savor our selection of teas as you immerse yourself in the craft. Our knowledgeable weaving and spinning teachers will be on hand to discuss our exciting class plans for the year, offering a blend of historical techniques and modern styles.

So, join us in keeping this unique tradition alive! Let's celebrate St. Distaff's Day together, sharing stories, skills, and the warmth of our community.

Looking forward to a day of historical fun and fiber arts,
Pat and the Ewe Crew

🌟 Reviving Traditions, One Stitch and Sip at a Time🌟



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